MCC Building Maintenance maintains Health, Safety & Environment as a core value and provides support on these matters as they relate to our business activities. Helping to define, establish and incorporate health, safety and environment responsibility and accountability through every level creates value for our clients.

Our vision is to create an incident-free environment and to conduct business with no adverse safety or health issues. By integrating health, safety and environment into all of our business activities, MCC has demonstrated industry leadership in the building services & cleaning industry sector over the past 26 years.

MCC is a certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Cleaning Business that is providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment to all its clients since 1984.

MCC's Risk Management & Training Department has put together, Health Safety and Environment into all business activities from purchasing top of the line equipment to multi-level safety training. MCC demonstrates industry leadership in Health, Safety and Environment performance at all levels.

Above all else, safety always comes first. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how clean or attractive your environment is... if it's not a safe and healthy place. It is important to choose a local San Francisco janitorial service provider who has effective safety management systems in place. MCC understands the value these systems can add to your facility and operations, and therefore has programs in place to make your facilities healthy, cleaner, and safe at all times.

Clean environments assist in minimizing injury and illness and they foster healthier lives for the people who are at your facility day in and day out. For this very reason, MCC has taken steps towards environmental approach to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and safe. By using eco-friendly products, equipments, and sustainable supplies, we can minimize impact on long term human health issues and environmental damage while maintaining effective cleaning and disinfection.

At MCC Building Maintenance, green isn't just a marketing gimmick. We strive and stand for our operations with a spirit of environmental stewardship. MCC understands that true success hinges on our ability to responsibly minimize our environmental impact while providing quality cleaning service along with exceptional building maintenance to all out clients.

In 2008, we proudly introduced and developed The MCC Green Care Program (GCP) in conjunction with the San Francisco Bay Area Green Business program. The Green Care Program leads the industry in providing for a cleaner and healthier environment, and it also includes recycling, encapsulation pressure washing, carpet cleaning and floor care, touchless water conservation equipments, and electrical services.


Concerned about the environment and the health of all the occupants in your facility!! Want to start small? Want to begin basic green care program! MCC offers GCP that are customized to your needs of your facility. Whether you've become an expert on green cleaning or are just wondering where to begin, we can now help.

For our clients working toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, your Green Care Program from MCC will include the use of all green products and procedures required to earn points towards its' certification.

Through our GCP, MCC becomes your green cleaning expert, always keeping up with the latest trends and processes. That way, you can be sure your green cleaning program contributes to the success of your business. We also offer other 'green' maintenance services that go beyond cleaning green. Just feel free to ask us!

For facilities going green, MCC Building Maintenance is ready to help you start small - or big --- today. Let us customize our green cleaning solutions to meet your goals. Please contact us for more information about our building maintenance programs.

MCC Building Maintenance - Greening facilities one building at a time.

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